Lisa's Most Coveted List

It's hard to believe that I haven't published a Most Coveted List since the one in May, but it's true! Here's a list of of the five things I'm loving right now.

1. The Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. After making do with a Sony Ericsson for the longest time that did little more than dial and text, I finally upgraded to a smartphone. The Galaxy is thin and light, and the Android OS is comparable to an iPhone for ease of use and access to tons of apps. The 4" screen is also slightly bigger than an iPhone screen, which makes typing on a touch screen keypad is much easier. I'm starting to wonder how I ever lived without a smartphone; it's great yet worrisome at the same time. Checking my email on the go, adding twitpics to my tweets, downloading apps, and playing Angry Birds are all highly addictive pursuits.

2. NARS lipstick in 'Viridiana' ($30 Cdn) and NARS velvet matte lip pencil in 'Cruella' ($30 Cdn). They're the new additions to a growing but carefully curated lipstick wardrobe. 'Viridiana' is a deep berry shade that's matte yet creamy and ideally suited for day-to-night. 'Cruella' on the other hand is a versatile classic red that's a bit more subdued than Sephora's Hot Tango, my go-to red shade which is a blend of red and hot pink. So far I'm pretty impressed by NARS's formulas for their staying power and creamy consistency.

3. Timex Modern Originals Grande Classics watch ($75 Cdn). One of the best gifts I ever received from my parents was a Baby Kermit watch for my eighth birthday. I think I was the only third grader who wore a watch to school every day, let alone one that had to be wound up manually, but I loved it. Over the years I've fallen out of the habit of wearing watches, but a gorgeous one could tempt me back into it. I love the cherry red patent leather strap, oversized face, and sans serif numbers on this particular watch. It's fashion forward and modern yet retains the classic charm of old-school Timex designs. "It's very you," the boy said when I showed it to him as a possible Christmas gift contender. "It's just a straightforward watch but with a twist."

4. Starbucks's caramel brulée lattes. They're my holiday addiction and indulgence, although I try not to have one more than once a week, two tops. And I order a short size: you get the same amount of caffeine and the fun of indulging in a sugary milky drink with whipped cream on top, but it's less sugar, fat, and calories than a tall latte, plus it costs slightly less. Talk about a win-win.

5. Time with friends and family. There's something about winter and the holiday season that makes you want to stay indoors and spend as much time as possible talking and laughing with loved ones. Whether it's craft fairs and parties or catching up over coffee or lunch, I'm really grateful that I can spend time with the people who matter to me.

What about you? Are you an iPhone addict or an Android convert, or are you sticking to a non-smartphone phone? Are you a fan of NARS lipsticks or any other lipstick brand, and if so, what are the shades you're craving this season? What's your favourite part of the holiday season?


  1. NOM, Good call on the drink. Same caffeine but less calories - It looks heavenly. I've been doing coffee with creamer and whip at home and I'm probably taking in wayyy more cals than I realize.

    My wishlist right now is mainly socks and diapers but I do still have an eye out for glam stuff as well. ;)

  2. smart phone is the way to go! I can't see how anyone can live with just a regular phone now that I've had my blackberry for years!

  3. That caramel brule looks really tempting right now ;)

  4. definitely #5, time with friends and family is my favourite part of the holidays, hands down.

  5. i haven't tried the nars lipsticks yet, but i hear they are really great!

  6. MMM i'm a starbucks holiday drink addict! I like the salted caramel hot chocolates w/ a shot of espresson thrown into the mix! (i need my caffiene!)

  7. Oooh that watch is really nice. Simple and classic.

    You know I'm an iPhone addict!

    No, never tried Nars lipstick but I use their primer & foundation!

  8. Nars lipstik looks flirting..
    it seduce me..

    want it

  9. great list lisa! i'm a newly-converted iphone girl haha so i'm still figuring out all the little functions of it. i'm a part-time lipstick girl. i prefer lip balm 98% of the time and i like to change it up with bright orange lips or a nude-pink shade once in awhile. my mom always bugs me to wear lipstick more because without it, she says i look pale and sick (thanks mom). hahaha LOVE NARS lipsticks though!

  10. Luc just got a Galaxy and I got an iPhone - they're both awesome! I'm also wondering how I lived without mine...sending my first tweet while not at a computer was a thrill! And yes....we are both suffering from MAJOR angry bird obsessions!!

  11. Hey - after reading this post, I tried the caramel brulee latte and it was delish! Thanks for the recommendation!

  12. I'm an iPhone addict!

    I need to add a NARS lipstick to my collection. I have a MAC, Tom Ford and YSL. I also want a Chanel Coco Rouge. I have a two red and a hot pink. I now need a plum.

    If I am grabbing Starbucks next week, I'll try the caramel brulee latte.

  13. SBux Caramel Brulee Latte (!!!!)




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