Today's Outfit: Lace And Pearls...

  • Cardigan (Joe Fresh)
  • Lace top (CiCi) and cami (Zara)
  • Necklace (Spring)
  • Skirt (Target)
  • Tights (Dynamite)
  • Boots (Miz Mooz)

...make for a very prim and proper outfit. It's a strange process getting dressed in the mornings sometimes. Some pieces seem to want to go together despite my best efforts to break them up, style them differently, or wear them in a fresh way. I think this outfit was the result of being too tired to fight all-out girliness. Sure, I could wear the cardigan with a slouchy tee, cuffed jeans, and black patent oxfords. The necklace could go with the aforementioned slouchy tee, a pencil skirt, tights, and ankle booties. And those Miz Mooz boots that have been worn to death--I probably could have swapped them out for different shoes. But doing that would've contradicted whatever vibe I was feeling that day and thrown me off completely. "I dress according to my moods" may strike some people as odd justification for sporting radically different looks on different days, yet it's always made sense to me.

Do you have a consistent style or do you dress according to moods? Are you dressed according to a certain mood or vibe today? Do you ever try to resist "logical" groupings of items in your closet so that you can put a fresh spin on something?


  1. I definitely dress according to mood, but when I look at my outfit posts I am seeing some similarity.

    Love your girly outfit though. I think its perfectly pretty!

    Embracing Style

  2. I have a pretty consistent style. Simple, clean lines, a bit of frill if required, and a jewellery option for colour.

    That necklace is probably something I'd never pick out to wear, but it looks so good on you that I'd give it a try!

  3. I love that necklace of yours!!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in my Seven Secrets post. Let's see what you'll reveal!

  5. Love that diagonal ruffle!

    I definitely dress to my moods. I try to keep some elements of my style consistent, but there's a lot of variety to my looks.

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in my Seven Secrets post. Let's see what you'll reveal!

  7. i think i dress for my mood... which is usually cozy and comfy!

    love the lace!

  8. I'm a mood-dresser, for sure. Some days I go out looking all rock 'n' roll, and other days I'm completely preppy. My friends hate shopping for me because I have terribly inconsistent style!

  9. I definitely dress for my mood! Love that necklace!

  10. I'm suddenly hearing about Miz Mooz boots everywhere! Must check them out.

  11. I dress according to my mood as well. There are days where I really feel like a put-together outfit or something more preppy and others where I'd rather just be a bit more bold or out there. Gorgeous necklace and top!

  12. Some days I dress according to "energy" - i.e. do I have the energy to put together a fun outfit! LOL!

    Mind you, on a day when I'm rushing to get to work, I find myself putting on a stylish ensemble I wouldn't have thought of compiling!

  13. I definitely dress according to mood, which is how jeans and any clean top I can find became my work uniform -_- still strongly dislike my job. But I find that dressing nicer does put me in a better mood, so maybe I will give that a try tomorrow AM. Great outfit, I love the boots I would wear them to death, too!

  14. I think I have a pretty well defined style that is very consistent so all of my clothes fit into that and are (mostly) pretty interchangeable. I do try to randomize them as much as possible since they are pretty flexible as a group. There are some things though that I don't have all the pieces I need -- I have 2 high-waisted dresses that I wear with leggings but in winter I need some cropped cardigans (and in summer, I get chilly easily, who am I kidding) which I don't have ATM.

    My formula is saturated, bright color(s) + black for a neutral. Works out to bright top/dress + black bottom/leggings/skirt.

    Luckily not may other people dress that way so I don't really feel like it's a rut. Over the holidays I want to get my mom to teach me how to sew so I can break free of the tyranny of blue, purple, pink and black.

  15. lace and pearls are so you lisa :) you definitely channel the pretty-girly-feminine vibe and you pull it off so well! i love all the ruffle details and the colour of that cardigan is lovely; it's def a good shade of yellow against your skin tone.

    sometimes i dress according to my mood, other times it's according to how much time i have left before i have to get my butt out the door so i don't miss my bus lol


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