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Tthe boy will always remain a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy. When we first began dating, I had secret visions of transforming him into a suave facsimile of GQ fashion spreads, visions which have since vanished. But if he were to change he wouldn't be the same guy I fell for, right? (Plus I'd probably lose respect for him if he were backbone-less enough to let me make him over completely.) These days we're more likely to be found shopping for the perfect tees to replace his worn-out ones than pocket squares and suspenders.

Speaking of the perfect tee, do you know how hard it is to find one? The boy refuses to spend more than $20 on a tee that will get worn to shreds and he regards those from mainstream retailers with disdain. "They're so generic," he complained the last time we shopped. "Every other guy has the same shirt." Add to that issues of quality control (hello, shrinkage) and we have a serious challenge on our hands.

Enter I'd heard great things about their tees from the software developers at my previous company, but never looked at the site until now. What I found there delighted me. The graphics were unique and sometimes dorky but rarely douchey or overly ironic. The prices were reasonable, plus having seen the T-shirts' quality firsthand (i.e. admired them on my coworkers) I knew they weren't flimsy.

In other news, guess what the boy's going to get this Valentine's Day.

Have you ordered anything off Threadless before? What do you think of their tees?


  1. they are pretty great, I own a few from threadless and i haven't had any shrinking problems or unraveling. there are a few stores in vancouver that sell threadless tees too!

  2. threadless ts are great! I own a few and I haven't had any problems with shrinking or unraveling. There are a few stores in vancouver that also sell threadless ts but the selection isn't as nice

  3. They are great! I (female) did my undergraduate schooling in Chicago, and lived blocks from a Threadless store. I have a couple and once you get one you notice when others wear them. They are comfortable, wash well, and can be fun conversation pieces. I also recommend watching out for their sales. They have great $5 sales (going on now).

    When I went on to library school my supervisor at the library gave me this:
    I still giggle when I wear it!

  4. nice shirts, now if they only them them in girl sizes I would totally get the dog ate my homework one in a loose tank!!

  5. thats a pretty funny article, very enlightening to hear a woman's perspective on (changing) men's style.

    If it fits, I'd be interested in reading something about GQ look you once dreamed about. a few guidelines for guys who do want to dress in that style, but is stuck in the office biz-casual wardrobe.

  6. Hmmm I'm not sure about these ones! I recently had a similar encounter with mine ;) I'll explain in the letter..let's just say we need to focus more on what these guys really want not what's necessarily on the runways ;)

  7. Threadless is alright. I think my experience wasn't as great cause of duty fees and the ink printed on the shirt was hard and rough when I ran my fingers across it. They also printed my tee a little off and wouldn't let me exchange it for another one without waivering the shipping fees. It was complicated lol but I think the artists that create the design for Threadless are very talented.

  8. i love that last one! and i can't believe the boy wont' spend more than $20 on a tee - oh boys.

    never ordered anything from threadless but friends have. I have ordered from Squidfire before and they're known for some really great illustrations and quirky designs

  9. One of my best friends from high school works for the company! :D

    I like their stuff, but I don't really order from them anymore because my style has changed quite a bit.

  10. Thanks for the tip Lisa. I ordered cute T-shirts for both my hubbie and 3 year old son for Valentine's Day. Can't wait for them to arrive.

  11. I've bought tons of Ts off of threadless, probably around $40. Wait for their sales, everything is $10 or less typically. The shirts definitely shrink, at least the way I abuse them in the dryer. Some shirt types maybe be better than others (in addition their in-house "threadless" brand, they've got others like American Apparel, typically at the same price or a couple dollars cheaper. The threadless variety goes out of stock, so I assume they are the best.

    To a poster above who commented on girls sizes: they've got them, for nearly every shirt.

    My packages have been packed in different ways, some poorly, so that they were damaged on the way. They also screwed up one order, substituting one shirt for another, but fixed it for free (and I got to keep the wrong shirt).

    " from the software developers at my *previous* company"


    Update your linkedin!

  12. Travis, thanks for providing another view of Threadless! And you're right, I need to update my LinkedIn. >.<

  13. Crap I meant probably around 40 shirts, not $40.

  14. I like threadless, but I find their girls tees are short, so I find them hard to wear. Maybe with my torso they just cut me in the wrong place.

    Did you move jobs? I noticed you said "software developers in my last job" ... hmm ...


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