Today's Outfit: Baby It's Cold Outside

A while ago a reader asked me how I dressed for the cold and layered without bulking up. Here are my rules of thumb for getting dressed on brisk mornings:
  1. Fabrication matters. Silk, angora, lambswool, merino wool, and cashmere are all good materials to look for in tops, sweaters, and sweater dresses.
  2. Wool coats should have an interlining (a thin insulating layer between the outer wool layer and the inner silky lining). Unfortunately many fast fashion retailers don't take this extra step of putting in an interlining, so a quality winter coat that will keep you warm will also cost a pretty penny.
  3. Opt for fine knits that fit close to the body instead of chunky ones.
  4. Layer a cami under thin tops or sweater dresses for extra warmth.
  5. Don't underestimate the power of accessories. Boots, cozy socks, scarves, gloves, earmuffs, and hats will keep your head and extremities feeling toasty when you're out and about.
To illustrate, here's an outfit I wore during a recent cold snap in Vancouver and what I layered on top.

  • Banana Republic merino wool cardigan
  • Forever 21 plaid shirt
  • Uniqlo denim leggings
  • t o o d l e s by Toodlebunny cameo earrings
  • Timex watch
  • O by Oscar de la Renta floral silk scarf (wrapped around my neck to keep myself extra warm under my coat's foldover collar)

What are your secrets for staying warm when the temperature drops?


  1. love the outfit, especially the plaid mixed with the flowery silk scarf, you definitely look warm. I have no secret for staying warm, I'm always cold : (

  2. Now THAT is cold weather chic done right! Those boots are beyond cool, Lisa.

  3. cute brooch : ) and the boots look good on you. glad you got the red/black.

  4. I just love all your looks! Maybe it is significantly attributed to you being so darn pretty! I mean, do you ever have bad face days? Seriously! Much love.

  5. I love those cameo earrings! Well of course they're Toodlebunny - I LOVE Toodlebunny! Just discovered them last month and am in love.

    Happy new year Lisa!

  6. Such great advice and very very cute outfits!

    Embracing Style

  7. As bad as it sounds, I just started dressing for actual warmth this winter. I've found it by layering as many sweaters as I possibly can: a thin cashmere underneath, followed by a slim fitting wool to and finished with a chunkier knit. I find that when I wear that many sweaters I can just top it off with a thin jacket and I'm good to go! Anyway, the Kate Spade boots you're wearing are super cute. I've seen you tweeting about it and they do look just as pretty as the Chanels!

    Have a lovely day!

  8. Yay - I get to see your Kate Spade boots! Layering is definitely a must, and I follow your tip to layer a cami under thin tops and sweater dresses. You can still look cute and trendy despite the winter weather!

  9. Think I need to get my own vintage Coach bag.

  10. Long underwear. It is the least sexy thing ever, but it is a must anytime I will be spending more than 20 minutes outside.

  11. I am obsessed with this look. I have been very open about my love for brooches so I obviously adore this. The Kate Spade boots are precious. Seriously just a great outfit Lisa!
    To stay warm i've just been piling as many layers on as possible. I probably look more crazy than stylish but it's a sacrifice i'm willing to make haha.

  12. if it's REALLY cold out and your office heating isn't the best, i like to wear leggings underneath dress pants


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