Vlog: Boxing Week Shopping in Seattle

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for the outpouring of support in the blog comments and on Twitter. While I'm keeping busy with my new job, Solo Lisa is kicking off 2011 with a vlog recapping the spoils of a Boxing Week day trip down to Seattle. The mission: hit up Madewell, J. Crew, and Anthropologie. The result? Well, you'll have to watch the video or refer to the collage below to find out. (I realized afterward that you can't see the Anthropologie pieces properly, so I found web images for each item.) Enjoy!

Did you find any great deals during Boxing Week? Please do share in the comments.

P.S. In case you haven't seen it, gorgeous blogger Kelsey of The Anthology asked a bunch of Vancouver bloggers what their stylish New Year's resolutions were for 2011. Click here to find out mine.


  1. One of the few good things about having to go to Calgary for Christmas is the Anthropologie store. So, yes, I got some stuff too!

  2. wow boxing day down in the states, that's nice! and good luck on your first day of your new job today :)

  3. Great vlog! I love hearing about the shopping ventures. The outfit you have on is so adorable!

  4. love the vid!... been wanting to try videos too .. you've inspired me.


  5. Great finds! Were the deals in the US better than what was in Vancouver? I had thought about heading down to Seattle for boxing day, but I was too jetlagged still to handle a long drive down.

  6. You scored some great items! I'm heading down to Seattle in 2 weeks, do you have any recommendation of where I should go? I haven't been there in years. It's such a coincedence that I came across your post as I just finished blogging about suggestions for Seattle!



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