From NYC to Violet Boutique, With Love

Feminine dresses, pretty patterns, Breton stripes, statement necklaces, tailored pieces with a twist. If this list includes any of your fashion lusts, then Violet Boutique is the stuff that dream closets are made of.

Owner Genevieve Allen has created a haven for the girl who likes a dash of whimsy with her wardrobe.

Genevieve Allen

I had a chance to check out Violet Boutique last week at the SUNO Erin WHIT media preview, which celebrated the arrival of three notable New York-based lines. SUNO's New York designers and tailors work with Kenyan artisans to produce brightly patterned pieces and quirky accessories. I particularly loved the sundresses and chunky beaded necklaces. WHIT is the romantic yet preppy brainchild of designer Whitney Pozgay, whose impressive resume includes stints at Kate Spade and Steven Alan. Erin Fetherston is known for her quintessentially girly girl designs--very Upper East Side playful socialite.

For more about Violet Boutique, check out this excellent profile by I'm the It Girl. Happy shopping!


  1. boutique shopping is always fun because you can find unique items that isn't mass produced in malls, this seems like a cute and charming shop. LOL you wore sunglasses to a fashion event! when I was writing that post I was thinking of this chick who wore sunglasses at that event I complained to you about but she's actually a huge snob for no reason haha

  2. My favourite boutique in Vancouver. Okay, maybe a tie with Oliver & Lilly's and Misch. That whole South Granville area is pure danger.

    Genevieve has impeccable taste. I adore all the pieces by Suno and Rachel Comey.

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  3. This boutique is next door to my apartment and I literally have to force myself to not go in every single day because I always leave with something. Gorgeous dresses and blouses with amazing colors, my whole wardrobe could come from here!


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