Luxe or Less: The Wayfarer Look

Ray-Ban Wayfarers are a ubiquitous favourite among celebrities, hipsters and coveteurs of classic cool for a reason. The frames flatter a variety of face shapes; they look as good on Anna Wintour as they do on Joseph Gordon Levitt. And at $150-200 a pair, unlike high-end designer shades, they won't break the bank.

Or will they? After all, the definition of what breaks the bank is relative. If you're on a student budget or notoriously careless with shades, spending that much on a single pair may not be feasible. Luckily for the budget-conscious, knockoffs abound.

I have Wayfarers, but I've also been alternating them with a lookalike pair by Matix Clothing that I received from a media preview. The Matix pair is perfect for days when I want to wear sunglasses without toting a case for them. (What can I say? I'm OCD and worried about scratching more expensive shades.)

For the girly spirit, Urban Outfitters has these pink pearlized Sahara Wayfarer shades ($14). They even come with rose-tinted lenses.

And for a quirky modern twist, the Meridian sunglasses ($24) from Anthropologie fit the bill nicely.

Would you wear Wayfarers or Wayfarer lookalikes?


  1. I actually have a goldish/tan pair of wayfarer wannabe's, and I love them! I am the worst with sunglasses, I will find a way to scratch them, so the fakes are just right for me :)

    Ripped Nylon

  2. I just discovered that wayfarers actually look good on me and I think I want a real pair. I am not too keen on wannabe's because I can totally tell the difference with the quality of lenses. I hope that doesn't make me sound snobbish. I find that if I buy expensive sunglasses, I take very good care of them.

  3. Leesh, not snobbish at all! I have Chanel sunnies and real Wayfarers and the lenses in those are definitely superior to fast fashion shades. Whenever I wear them, the world looks more true to life in terms of colour, there's minimal glare and the clarity is amazing.


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