Product Review: Dermalogica Redness Relief SPF 20 & Concealing Spot Treatment

One of the perks of being a fashion and beauty blogger is trying the latest products, sometimes even before they're publicly available. Such was the case when I attended a media preview at Dermalogica headquarters in Vancouver last month. I walked away with their two newest products in hand: Redness Relief SPF 20 and the Concealing Spot Treatment.

For those who are unfamiliar with Dermalogica, the line was founded in 1986 by Jane Wurwand. As the official skincare line of the International Dermal Institute, it has earned a reputation among skin therapy professionals for producing effective products that deliver results. Dermalogica is free of irritating ingredients such as lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances, and it emphasizes overall skin health rather than fluffy packaging and superficial "prettifying," for lack of a better word.

Redness Relief SPF 20 exemplifies Dermalogica's philosophy to a tee. It's not just a moisturizer. It also promises to relieve inflammation and redness with its green tint and soothing oat and botanical extracts, while a mix of mineral and chemical sunscreens protects skin from harmful UV rays. The gentle formula is ideal for "resurfaced skin" (i.e. skin that's undergone cosmetic procedures like chemical peels) and sensitive complexions.

I really like Redness Relief SPF 20 as a basic everyday SPF moisturizer that lives up to its claims. The green tint was a bit weird initially, but it did even out the redness as promised and disappeared completely when I rubbed the moisturizer into my skin. There was no ashy effect thanks to the micronized mineral particles. The light, non-greasy, unscented formula made it easy for me to forget that I was wearing it at all. For a more polished look, Redness Relief SPF 20 also doubles as a good primer under foundation.

Unfortunately, I was less pleased with the Concealing Spot Treatment, a tinted concealer that also claims to banish blemishes. The active ingredients, sulfur and zinc oxide, are touted as good alternatives to benzoyl peroxide but seemed rather ineffective; I didn't find that it sped up the healing process for my blemishes. The tint was a bit too dark for my fair Asian complexion. On top of that, the formula's pungent sulfur smell lingered long after application. I kept catching whiffs of it during the day when I least expected it. Sexy. Given that it wasn't the greatest concealer or the greatest blemish treatment, I give this product a pass.

Are you a fan of Dermalogica products? Which ones have you tried?

UPDATE: I tried the Concealing Spot Treatment again with better results.


  1. I LOVE Redness Relief. I've been using it in as a sunscreen and I love its calming properties.

    The Spot Treatment works very well for the types of zits that I get and I found that it prevents them from getting inflamed (they tend to do that). It doesn't match my skin tone either so I've been putting my regular concealer over it. I agree about the smell: it's horrid. But works for me!

  2. I swear by Mario Badescu products, and that line also uses sulfur and zinc oxide in lieu of the 8% or 10% benzoyl peroxide touted by most other acne products. I've always opted for benzoyl peroxide over salicyclic acid, as it was more effective on my skin; but the sulfure and zinc oxide work wonders! So I'll hope you'll give these products another shot. 0:-) Have you tried Mario Badescu's acne treatments before? They're fantastic.

  3. I like the sound of the Redness Relief! I need to get that.

  4. I have used their products and I do like it. Very good for sensitive skin. Am using toner and facial wash now.

  5. Ohh lucky you!! Yes I Love Dermalogica..I am an esthetican and have used the line. Great products.
    Having fun browsing around your blog :)

    Delighted Momma

  6. Oooooh... good to know. Will have to try it!



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