Today's Outfit: Not-So-Lazy Sunday

  • Anthropologie cardigan
  • TNA ribbed racerback tank
  • Joe Fresh belt
  • H&M shorts
  • Pour La Victoire heels
  • Coach necklace

I've been doing fewer outfit posts lately because I'm simply exhausted. Multiple deadlines at work. Blogging and freelance writing when I go home. Events to attend. Yoga classes (or lack thereof because of lack of time and energy) and salsa socials (ditto). Events related to the boy's brother getting married (bridal shower, stagette, rehearsal banquet, the actual wedding day). The day I wore this outfit, I had an article to hand in by Sunday 6pm, so it was straight to work after a late brunch with the boy. Lots of stress and long busy days don't make for very creative or elaborate outfits. Most of the time I find myself looking like this and praying the bags under my eyes aren't too apparent.

With everything going on, I guess this is as good a time as any to announce a brief blog hiatus! I need a break so I can focus on other things and, you know, really enjoy summer. Although I'll be pretty scarce on my blog, you can still find me on Twitter for the next week or so.


  1. That IS a lot! Enjoy your break, lady, and you look utterly lovely here.

  2. You do seem insanely busy! But we love your OOTD posts. You've got such great style. I really like the heels here, esp. paired with the very casual getup plus cardi!

  3. Super cute outfit! You definitely have a ton going on, I hope you get a chance to enjoy the weekend! xo

  4. Hope you still find time to relax in your busy life!! That's a cute outfit :)


  5. Lisa, I've always been impressed with how well you manage your schedule and I hope you have a good break from blogging. Sometimes it's nice to step away from it all. In spite of your busy life you still look polished and put together which is more than a lot of us can say when we are that exhausted! So I commend you for that :) Will I see you at BR on Thursday?


  6. Nice outfit, love the color of your cardigan. Enjoy your break and enjoy the beautiful weather!
    NEW OUTFIT POST: At Robson Square

  7. ahh your schedule sounds like mine!! the worst is when your brain just shuts down when you have to get tons done..

    take some time for yourself dear!!


  8. Bah, sounds a LOT like my summer too! It's Monday and I'm so tired from a wedding filled weekend and working on major work! Good thing I took Thursday off (will I be seeing you Thurs?) Love your Sunday outfit, perfect summer look. Hope you find a night for some you time soon xo

  9. cute! i love red/coral and navy together! xx

  10. I find that when I'm super busy and stressed out, fashion is always put on the back burner for me. The entire first half of this year was a total fashion faux-paus for me.... I just threw anything on because I didn't want to think. Wish I could put together an effortless outfit like yours so easily!

  11. i agree, blogging can definitely take up a lot of energy & time esp if we already have lots going on with our lives already - and sounds like youre no exception! wishing you a happy hiatus w/ lots of smiles & looking forward to your next post

    ♡, Rosa T.

  12. I can totally understand the need for a break. I don't think I could write a blog on my own. Enjoy the break and let us know when you're back

  13. Well I don't know what you're talking about, I think you look stunning and totally put-together in this outfit. Hopefully things let up soon enough for you and you can enjoy some of the summer :)

    Alex xoxo

  14. I love this simple stylish look.

  15. What bags under your eye? You're so silly, Lisa.. you're beautiful. Your schedule does sound hectic, though. I hope you find some "me" time for yourself. :)

    I Love your not-so-lazy sunday look.. clean and polished and oh-so-chic. :D

    Here's to a fab week!

    xx Love & Aloha
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