Introducing Herschel

It's back to school time, and for some of us that translates to "time to get a bag" time. While I appreciate a good handbag and an oversized tote as much as the next girl, these options just didn't cut it when I was in school. Commuting to campus for a day that lasted anywhere from 4 to 12 hours meant I often had to carry a lot of stuff. A laptop, books, a clipboard (it's so much easier to sketch economics graphs by hand), a snack, a water bottle, dance name it, and chances are I've sherpa'd it around UBC.

Thankfully, "functional" doesn't have to be synonymous with "ugly" as demonstrated by the classic cool backpacks of Herschel Supply. The Vancouver-based company combines the simplistic, utilitarian appeal of retro styles with practical features and fabrications suited for modern needs. Think sturdy canvas, lots of pockets, cushioned straps and padded compartments perfect for protecting your laptop.

At the KNOW?SHOW trade show I attended a couple weeks ago, I had a preview of their spring/summer 2012 collection: lots of bright primary colours (love!) and brown leather accents, as well as a slew of pouches, wallets and laptop and netbook sleeves in coordinating colours. But if you can't wait until next spring to buy a backpack, I suggest you visit their website and order one now before school starts next week.

What do you carry your books in?


  1. Nice post! When I went to high school, I used to carry all my books in my Kipling bag. I am not sure if this brand exists in Canada, but in the Netherlands it was definitely the IT bag for all the kids. Now I much prefer the bags in these posts, a bit more classy, but still traditional looking.
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  2. You don't have to be in back to school mode to snatch up one of these bags - I think these would make great commuter bags!

    In university most of my backpacks/school bags were from MEC.

  3. I really like these too. Somewhere between American Prep and Hobo Chic.

  4. OMG the khaki green bag (first one) and the double strap bag (last one) are amaze!!! I kind of wish I were going back to school, but maybe I'll get a bpack just because ;)

  5. Where were these awesoem bags back when I was in school!? =( We had fugly frumpy things. Sigh.

  6. so glad i never have to go to school again but for some reason i still love backpacks! looks kinda perfect for a weekender!


  7. Very cool. I had a backpack during my uni years and then moved on to a satchel style. I think having to lug around so much stuff as a student has made me an avid lover of smaller bags in my professional life. I definitely would have chosen the khaki one if I were a student today!


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