Today's Outfit: Orange and Pleats

  • Banana Republic cardigan and flats
  • H&M tee
  • Zara skirt
  • Ray-Ban wayfarers
  • Roots bag

With all the talk of wardrobe remixing and shopping-induced debt in the world of fashion and style blogs, you'd think that wearing the same outfit twice is some sort of blogger taboo. Well, I'll confess something: I wear the same outfit more than twice. In fact, when I find a combination that really works, I'll wear it many, many times gladly and feel secure knowing that if my creativity fails me, I can always count on a tried-and-true ensemble to look good in a hurry. This outfit is definitely one of them. Since these photos were taken, I've worn the same pieces all together at least twice, probably more.

I hope my Canadian readers are having a lovely Victoria Day long weekend! You know what long weekends are good for? Leisurely flipping through magazines like the June issue of FLARE.


  1. Love this combo, Lisa! The orange and taupe-y brown are amazing together.

  2. Love the bright colour on you Lisa. And a huge congrats for your article in FLARE - that is such an accomplishment! I will have to pick up a copy on my way to class tomorrow.

    Have a great long weekend!

    Xo Chelle

  3. Love this skirt, it's got such a soft vibe, and the orange cardi is a great colour for you. I'm also guilty of constantly repeating outfits and silhouettes that I like, there's no rule against that!

    Pink Chai Style

  4. What a gorgeous and fresh look, Lisa! That orange cardi deserves to be remixed many, many times! I tend to do the same thing with an outfit I love! Hope you've had a great weekend xo

  5. I can understand why you would wear this outfit several times in a row, it's so pretty! The grey and orange go so well together. I wear nice outfits over and over again as well; it would be a waste to just wear it once just because people like to pretend you shouldn't wear the same thing twice, right!

    xo Leonie


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