Introducing Generic Surplus

Nowadays, stylish girls are just as likely to reach for a pair of oxfords or wingtips as a pair of ballerina flats or stilettos. (Blame it on Alexa Chung's tomboy cool vibe.) So it's small wonder that I'm kind of coveting the spring/summer 2012 collection from Generic Surplus for myself even though their shoes are, strictly speaking, for the gents. An offshoot of The Generic Man, the LA-based label takes "casual dressy" to a whole new level with their men's shoes. The resulting aesthetic is classic but modern.

For their latest collection, Generic Surplus drew inspiration from "how the cityscape changes with the transition from winter to spring's warmer weather and longer days" as well as "the laid-back outdoor culture of 1960s Los Angeles with the cutting edge urbanity of 1970s New York City." I love how sleek and simple these shoes look.

In Vancouver, Generic Surplus is available at The Block and Livestock.


  1. Love all of these designs. My poor wallet has really been suffering because of all my latest shoe purchases. I blame you (and Alexa) for any purchases I make at Generic Surplus.

  2. I'd love to see a man in those deep purply/mauvey oxfords. And I'd like them for myself too :)


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