Today's Outfit: Summer Stripes

Joe Fresh tee | J. Crew cafe capris and enamel bangle | H&M belt | Banana Republic flats | Coach bag

What do you wear when you oversleep on a Wednesday morning and have to hurry into work for a marathon morning of meetings? In my case, I reached for stripes, the nearest pair of flats, and some accessories in the same colour family, then put my hair into a messy ponytail and flew out the door. With my work schedule the way it is, I don't think the madcap Wednesday morning scramble is going away anytime soon.

My mid-week battles with the snooze alarm aside, Wednesdays are quickly becoming a highlight of my week along with Friday evening date nights and Sunday afternoon brunches. They're the only weekday when the boy and I have nothing to do in the evenings. No yoga, no dance practices, no kickboxing classes, and for the most part, no fashion events. Just a whole evening ahead of us with nothing to do but be homebodies and cook dinner and unwind.

What do you wear to work when you oversleep?


  1. I love hump days too. Only 2 days away from Friday which is basically the weekend!

  2. I have an addiction to the snooze button!

  3. lisa! it's been forever! loving the stripes! hope you are doing well...



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