Soirée Snapshots: The Lazy Gourmet, Roland Mouret at The Room

Last Thursday was one of the best days in recent memory. Not only was the weather gorgeous, I had the privilege of attending two incredible events: a rooftop party in downtown Vancouver celebrating the launch of The Lazy Gourmet's new seasonal menu, and a very stylish cocktail party at The Room at Hudson's Bay in honour of designer Roland Mouret. Lucky me! Here's a look back at the evening in photos.

With blazing sunshine and that amazing skyline, it was hard to beat the view from this downtown rooftop, where The Lazy Gourmet introduced its new menu to guests.

Some of the highlights included a taco bar, a pie station, and appie-portioned Shanghai noodle boxes, but the most popular station had to be the guacamole bar. Guests waited patiently as chefs made fresh, individual-sized servings of guacamole for everyone.

Watching them work inspired me to tweak my own guacamole recipe!

Refreshing vodka strawberry basil lemonades quenched our thirsts.

From a rooftop to The Room! By the time I arrived, the party was in full swing. I was too shy to ask Roland Mouret for a photo (although by all reports he is quite the suave and gentlemanly figure), and too daunted by the crowd waiting for photos with him. But I did have plenty of opportunity to admire his designs up close in between catching up with familiar faces.

Before attending the party, my familiarity with Mouret's work was admittedly sketchy at best. I knew him for his infamous 'Galaxy' dress, his aesthetic of sensual, ladylike glamour, and his collaborative relationship with Victoria Beckham. So for me, his new collection was a surprise in the most pleasant sense.

The clothes were a study in contrasts. Sharp folds and geometric details decorated a form-fitted cocktail sheath--the juxtaposition of stark angles with womanly curves. Bold jolts of colour (a draped emerald gown, a scarlet cocktail dress) existed alongside colour-blocked designs. There was a minimalist aesthetic at play, yes, but there was also a tri-colour leopard suit.

Thanks to The Lazy Gourmet and The Bay!


  1. um, sign me up for that awesome looking guacamole bar right away!!! heaven is what! oh Lisa, looks like you squeezed the most fun out of each event and yes, wasn't our weather just incredible. i hope it returns cos todays rain was sort of extra soppy.

    seeing these images brings me into the right head space though, i'd cheer to that with one of those fantastical lemonades asap! wishing you a fab looong weekend. ♥

    1. Same to you! Hope your move went smoothly.


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