5 Summer Sale Items to Buy and Wear Now

I'm one of those people who eyes spring/summer merchandise as soon as it trickles into stores. Even if I'm still clad in cardigans and wellies and being drenched by April showers, I'll dream of sundresses and sandals and start buying them, like some crazed squirrel storing sartorial acorns for the few months when Vancouver enjoys truly hot, summery weather.

But in the past few weeks, as I've eyed midsummer sales online and in stores, I had an epiphany: Most people don't buy hot-weather clothing until it's actually hot, which explains why July sales are so good. Lots of sizes and styles are still available, marked down with even deeper discounts if you have a coupon code.

My tips for shopping summer sales: Get something you'll want to wear right now, and take advantage of the reduced prices and superior selection to get something you wouldn't normally go for. Opt for an emerald green silk dress instead of a beige one, floral-print sandals instead of solid-coloured ones, and a super-trendy (and surprisingly versatile) neon accessory. Here are my picks of the sale season.

1. Aritzia Babaton 'Benedict' dress ($155 $140)

2. Tory Burch neon snake cross body bag ($295 $236)

3. Saint James for J. Crew shrunken tee ($94 $70.99)

4. J. Crew cluster sequin tee ($116 $81.99)

5. J. Crew 'Marina' mini-wedge espadrilles ($138 $114)


  1. The TB bag would be perfect with that shrunken Saint James tee - I want them both!


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