Latest Outfit: Easy Summer Stripes

I wish I were one of those people who breeze through hot weather without breaking a sweat (literally), but truthfully I'm beyond graceless when it comes to soaring temperatures. I sweat, my limbs and extremities swell, and even the most basic clothes and accessories feel restrictive and binding somehow. In hot weather, I can't deal with anything that adds weight and/or layers to the body. Bags can't have crossbody straps, shoes need to be open-toed, clothes have to be loose and forgiving, and accessories should be as light as possible.

During Canada Day long weekend, I relied on old and new favourites to keep my cool. I've had my eye on this striped dress since writing about my 5 essential summer dresses, and these wedges since writing about my love of low wedges. And although I haven't been eyeing the Roots mini tote in this post for half as long, I'm just as infatuated with it. I love the fact that it's a quality leather tote (made in Canada using leather sourced from southern France!) which seems deceptively small but holds a lot. Plus, something about toting around a bag by small top-handles instead of slinging it across the body feels fresh and carefree.

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  1. Aren't Roots bags just the best? I've been obsessed with the Selena bag for a while!

    Loving the dress on you!

    Bold Subtlety

    1. Thanks, Annick!

      Roots bags are so lovely: high-quality leathers, and the designs just keep getting better.

  2. I love dry hot weather .. I can bake in it all day ;-) However, add a bit of humidity and I'd melt.

    Cute dress! I love how the strips go in different directions.


    1. That's what I love about the dress too. :)


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