Latest Outfit: Under the Boardwalk

Striped tee worn with fuchsia silk shorts, metallic leather sandals, and a small but colourful crossbody bag and cat-eye shades.
Saint James for J. Crew tee | Joe Fresh shorts | Marni x H&M sandals | J. Crew bracelet | Roots bag | Ray Ban cat-eye shades

I wear these silk shorts about once a year because they're so fussy to do up: two waist ties, three buttons, and a zip fly. There must be chastity belts that go on and off with less effort, I think to myself grimly every time I have to go to the bathroom. But once they're on, they're a marvel, combining the stylish allure of colourful draped silk with the comfort of pajamas. The shorts were the perfect match for my flat silver sandals (also worn about once a year) and sailor stripes.

A more detailed view of a striped tee worn with fuchsia silk shorts, bracelet, and a small but colourful crossbody bag and cat-eye shades.

Marni x H&M metallic silver flat sandals worn with fuchsia silk shorts.


  1. Great shorts! I love drapey loose shorts myself, but I know what you mean, when I go to the ladies room, I hate fussing with my clothes!

  2. I love your shades! :) And your outfit is so much summer!

  3. haha I got shorts like that too, I ended up just donating them because they're too much of a hassle to put on, talk about being lazy!! love the color of your shorts though!

    1. I was on the verge of donating these for the same reason, but the colour and fabric saved them.

  4. Love this combo of stripes and a pop of pink. Perfect for a day spent on the boardwalk... and really, is there anything better than looking cute but still feeling comfy - it's my absolute fave!!

    By The Shore


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