Product Review: Fresh Sugar Cherry Lip Treatment SPF 15

Fresh Sugar Cherry Lip Treatment SPF 15

As someone who blogs about beauty, I hold these truths to be self-evident:

  1. While I might sing the praises of purple glosses, red is a classic lip colour for good reason.
  2. Being re-introduced to a product I liked the first time around is always a treat.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 ($26 at Sephora) is a charming, cherry-scented reminder of both truths. I liked the plum version when I tried it two years ago, but I much prefer the new cherry flavour for its superior pigment payoff and bright red hue. As always, the formula packs long-lasting moisture (it stayed on through two morning coffess, lunch, and lots of deep-thought-induced lip-pursing at my desk), and a melt-on-your-mouth texture. SPF 15 is just the cherry on top.


  1. I love Fresh Sugar lip products .. they have such a nice feel on the lips. I'll for sure pick up this one ;-)


  2. Oh but the smell is a bit cloying ...

    1. To each their own. I actually like the scent of Fresh products. :)

  3. I had this given to me by Sephora while shopping there on my birthday!! Loved it. Wish I could get Sephora"s dry shampoo called SUGAR since I am laid up with a broken leg and desperately need some good dry shampoo!!


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