Vancouver-based beauty and style blogger Solo Lisa's home office space, featuring white furniture and framed prints.
My home office as seen on Instagram

As an introvert, some of my best thinking is done in quiet spaces with zero distractions. I like vegging on the couch with a book (lately, something about team leadership or management) and a glass of wine. Other times, I need to sit at a proper desk with coffee in hand to really get into the groove.

The latter is more fun lately thanks to a few tweaks. For one thing, I finally got around to putting up the prints I bought from MadeByGirl, I See Noise, BANQUET Atelier & Workshop, and Lady Gatsby. Some new additions from the Hach—a new box that corrals small press kits and beauty product samples, Japanese pens—also make this workspace cheerier and more productive, as do these floral Rifle Paper Co. notebooks (found at Chapters on sale!). Lastly, but most importantly, I like to keep reference materials like books, magazines, and press releases close at hand.

Where do you do your best work?


  1. Such a great space!

    Kate xo

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