Latest Outfit: Plaid, Red, Green

Plaid scarf, red pencil skirt, and a green Kate Spade bag worn with neutrals
J. Crew schoolboy blazer and no. 2 pencil skirt | Plenty sweater (c/o) | Kate Spade bag | Plaid scarf (borrowed from the boy) | Madewell boots | Lipstick: MAC 'Cherry' Lip Pencil and Fresh Sugar Cherry Lip Treatment

I'M ON VACATION UNTIL THE NEW YEAR! In case you couldn't tell, I'm positively ecstatic about having twelve whole days off. I haven't had this much time off since last year when I moved into our condo, and moving is hardly a vacation. That means I haven't had a real vacation in two years. Eep! Maybe now I'll be able to do things like lint-roll my black clothes. (Seriously, my blazer is disgraceful in the second photo.)

The weather is so cold and even snowy lately, I've been wearing a certain cobalt blue cocoon coat non-stop. This weekend, however, things thawed enough to get away with a few thin but warm wool layers. I like how the cherry red pencil skirt picks up on the touches of red in my sweater, scarf, and lipstick. The entire outfit feels wintery and festive, and even though I'm wearing red, green, and plaid together all at once, I like to think it looks cute without veering into cheesy.

Details: fancy gold stud earrings, navy nails, gold buttons, plaid scarf
Red pencil skirt, green Kate Spade bag, plaid scarf, ankle boots
Plaid scarf, red pencil skirt, and a green Kate Spade bag worn with neutrals

P.S. You might have noticed that the blog underwent a mini makeover this weekend! I love the results, but unfortunately the web fonts I installed are incompatible with certain versions of Internet Explorer. So if you're one of the roughly 10% of visitors still using IE and the site isn't loading, try viewing it in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari instead. Apologies for the inconvenience, and thanks for understanding!


  1. love the lipstick and the scarf!! i need to incorporate some winter wool pencil skirts into my work routine. im in such a rut about what to wear for bottoms in the winter.. i always just grab the same pair of pants.

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Wool pencil skirts are the best! So much warmer than jeans or trousers.


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