NYE-Worthy: Eye Makeup Inspiration from Blanche Macdonald

While we're on the subject of NYE beauty ideas, check out this stunning eye makeup by the director of the Blanche Macdonald makeup program, Jon Hennessey, for the fashion school's 2013 design graduate show last month. It's intense, graphic, and elegant, playing on light and texture. And if it was avant garde yet versatile enough to go with dozens of fashion graduate designs, you can be sure it'll pair well with whatever NYE frock—edgy, romantic, classic—you have in mind.

To create the graphic, multi-dimensional eye, Hennessey painted the expanse of the eyelid with black gel liner and blended an eggplant gel liner on top before applying gold glitter. (With eye makeup this strong, one can forego the mascara or simply apply one coat.) The key to pulling this off and making it look modern? Make sure the edges are clean and precise, and keep the end squared-off and blunt instead of flicking it out.

The strong eyes were juxtaposed with lavender lips softly stained by real blueberries and romantic braided updos, adding an ethereal effect to the whole look.

One of Blanche Macdonald's backstage artists executing Hennessey's vision

Tools of the trade

Is this a look you would try?


  1. I've done a similar look. I've used eye pencil to color in my eyelid and put gold shadow over it. It's my go to look for a fancy night out and works well for me because I've yet to find a mascara that doesn't bother my eyes!

  2. what an interesting eye/lip combo. i think i can re-create the eye look with the giorgio armani eyes to kill that i have. its so dark and bold though..mgith not work with my glasses. hmmm will try.

    1. I think the drama of this look would work better sans glasses. Contacts maybe?


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