Product Review: Lise Watier Baiser Velours Lipstick

Don't let the gloss-like packaging fool you: Lise Watier Baiser Velours ($27 at London Drugs) is an ultra creamy lipstick that delivers true colour in one swipe and dries to a matte finish, There are 9 bright shades available, all named after different types of kisses. I'm not usually a fan of lipsticks with gloss-like packaging; the classic twist-up bullet seems so much more elegant. But in the case of Baiser Velours it makes sense: The colour is so bright and noticeable once it sets, you want that paddle-shaped sponge applicator for a precise application. During my test run yesterday, I used the pointy end to line my lips, and the flat side to fill them in.

Three shades arrived on my beauty desk to play with. 'Eternal Kiss' is a classic red and 'Sweet Kiss' is a cool lilac-tinged berry, but I was immediately drawn to the orange-red intensity of 'Love Kiss'. Given the formula's pigmented matte nature, I was sure it would deliver a great statement lip.

And deliver it did. Like most matte lipsticks, Baiser Velours tightens as it dries and tends to emphasize fine lines in the lips, but it does have a velvety, cushion-y feel that's surprisingly comfortable. A single application lasted through 4-6 hours of wear and multiple cups of coffee, tea, and water with some slight colour transfer and fading. I did have to do a few minor touch-ups to keep the colour at the centre of the lip from fading in intensity, but it never bled or feathered at the edges.

If you're like me and matte formulas tend to bring out the worst in your dry lips, try this trick to make them more comfortable. Exfoliate lips with a scrub, toothbrush, or damp towel. Lightly dot clear lip balm on bare lips (don't swipe as that applies too much), and blot your lips with a tissue to remove excess. Apply lip colour. Once the lip colour sets, lightly dot clear lip balm (no swiping!) on top. The two very thin layers of lip balm will mellow fine lines while retaining the integrity of the matte finish. Whenever you feel your lips getting dry, just lightly dot clear lip balm on top again.

The final verdict? Baiser Velours 'Love Kiss' is worth reaching for on those days when I want an electrifying statement pout made easy.

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