Lise Watier Expression Spring 2015 Collection

Lise Watier Palette Expression Eyeshadows

Makeup is as much about formulas as it is about creativity and fun, and in the Lise Watier Expression spring 2015 collection, we have a pretty and exuberant reminder of all these things that makeup can be. The inspiration behind the collection seems to be equal parts Picasso and pastels: the colours are just lovely and the painterly motifs even inspired me to get a little playful with my swatching, as you'll see in the latter photos. Ready for a closer look? More details after the jump!

Lise Watier Expression Spring 2015 Collection

As with most Lise Watier seasonal collections, there's always a covetable limited edition palette. This time around we have two: the Palette Expression Eyeshadows ($43 at London Drugs) and Expression Blush Trio ($30 at London Drugs). Both come in sturdy compacts decorated with daubs of brilliant colour.

Lise Watier Palette Expression Eyeshadows

I don't usually wear eyeshadow, but the sheer prettiness of the Palette Expression Eyeshadows compact, both inside and out, is enough to inspire my palette-hoarding tedencies to come out. The shades (pink, champagne, robin's egg blue, teal, and grey) range from iridescent to semi-matte and offer buildable coverage. It took about 3 passes with a pigment-loaded applicator to achieve the colour payoff you see here.

Lise Watier Expression Blush Trio

The Expression Blush Trio blends together shades of brown, rose, and orange into a single product. You can sweep your blush brush over all three for a universally flattering flush that brightens up the palest of winter complexions. Alternately, you can apply the colours separately: use the brown in the lower left corner of the compact to contour along the hollows of your cheekbones; the rose in the middle of the compact on the apples of your cheeks; and the orange in the outer right corner of the compact on the temples as an illuminator.

Lise Watier Nail Lacquer 'Expression'

Also in the collection: a limited edition shade of Lise Watier Nail Lacquer ($13.50 at London Drugs) in 'Expression', a creamy coral. Like all of Lise Watier's nail lacquers, the bottle features a cap with an LED light to help you achieve the best results. I'll be testing this for my next mani, so check my Instagram for a photo and recap of how the formula wears.

Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand Velours Lipstick 'Expression'

Although it's billed as an ultra-matte pigmented lipstick, I don't find Rouge Gourmand Velours lipstick in 'Expression' ($22 at London Drugs) to be as pigmented or matte as Lise Watier Baiser Velours, which I reviewed here. This limited edition berry shade (which also smells kind of berry-like, by the way) has a satiny finish, and contains jojoba oil for comfortable wear and creamy hydration. I'd suggest using a clear lipliner with this lipstick for precise edges that don't bleed or feather.

Lise Watier Ombre Souffle Supreme eyeshadow in 'Fairy Pink'

In some ways, Ombre Souffle Supreme in 'Fairy Pink' ($24 at London Drugs) reminds me of Stila's cult fave 'Kitten' eyeshadow. Both are pink and shimmery and oh so girly, and easy to wear on the eyelids as a single, subtle wash of everyday colour. The formula is part cream/powder/mousse and boasts Labrador Tea extract (a potent antioxidant). Plus, look how delightfully squishy the product is in the pot! Whenever I dip my finger in for more colour, I can't help but press down and feel the eyeshadow give and bounce back.

Lise Watier Eye Shine pencil eyeliner in 'Expression'

Regular product, new shade: Lise Watier Eye Shine pencil liner in 'Expression' ($24 at London Drugs) goes on like butter and can be blended out, and this gunmetal silver goes beautifully with the pastel hues in the limited edition palette.

Lise Watier Feline Eyeliner HD in 'Vert'

For a purr-fect teal liquid eyeliner, try Lise Watier Feline Eyeliner HD in 'Vert' ($22 at London Drugs).

Lise Watier Expression Spring 2015 Collection

Lise Watier's Expression collection is out in stores now. Is there anything in the collection that's calling out to your inner artist?

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