Rouge Dior Lipstick And Dior Vernis Nail Polish: New Spring 2015 Shades

Dior new lipstick, lip gloss, and nail polish shades for 2015

Pinks and corals and warm weather hues, oh my! Alongside the newly relaunched Rouge Brillant lip glosses, Dior is also introducing 7 new shades of Rouge Dior lipstick (3 limited edition) and 5 new shades of Dior Vernis Gel Shine nail polish (4 limited edition; 3 shades shown here). All the shades are so, so pretty and, well, let's face it: As far as #polarvortexdenial goes, there's nothing like picking up a new lipstick or nail polish that will make you dream of spring. Ready for a closer look? More details after the jump!

Dior Vernis Gel Shine limited edition shades spring 2015

As I noted in my review when Dior first launched their new gel shine and long wear formulas, this is a great nail polish choice for klutzes who constantly end up with messy edges and flooded cuticles (i.e. me). In fact, Dior Vernis Gel Shine is my nail polish of choice for those times when I need to replace a chipped mani stat. I opt for a light pink or nude shade, which looks effortlessly chic and doesn't stain nails or show mistakes as obviously as darker hues. Then I apply two coats of colour in quick succession, skipping the base and top coats. The brush shape—flat, densely bristled, slightly rounded tip—minimizes mistakes and the formula dries to a high shine finish. I can usually go 4-5 days chip-free with this sort of Dior mani-in-a-hurry and it looks just as good as a normal one, if not better because of the super shiny finish.

Dior Vernis Gel Shine limited edition shades spring 2015

For my Dior manis-in-a-hurry this spring, I'll definitely be taking a break from my tried-and-true 'Incognito' (a neutral beige) and opting for limited editions 'Rose' (a light pink with gold shimmer) and 'Pink' (a deeper petal pink with slight pink shimmer). Meanwhile, limited edition 'Corail' is a creamy coral hue that looks smashing on toes for coordinating manis/pedis.

Rouge Dior lipstick new shades spring 2015

As you can tell from my outfit posts and this post about my Emergency Bold Lipstick picks, I wear Rouge Dior lipstick a lot—specifically 999, a classic universally flattering red inspired by the red lipstick used in Monsieur Dior's first fashion show. The bullet is ergonomic and creates a perfect lip line sans brush, and the formula is pigmented, long-lasting, and moisturizing with good slip thanks to the hyaluronic acid content. This spring though, I might be tempted to stray from my trusty 999 and try one of these new pinks and corals.

Rouge Dior lipstick swatches of new shades, spring 2015

The limited editions are: 'Hollywood' (a magenta with a lighter, less intense finish); 'Victoire' (a fresh coral with a slightly retro feel); and 'Soho' (an intense, attention-grabbing fuchsia that's nicely balanced between cool and warm tones). The new permanent Rouge Dior additions are: 'Miss' (a brighter version of the "like your own lip colour, but better" pink); 'Royale' (candy apple red, less intense than 999); 'Paname' (a peachy, bronze-y hue that's neutral enough to be a nude lipstick, but not so pale it'll make you look terminally ill); and 'Times Square' (a very pretty berry pink).

Rouge Dior lipstick new shades spring 2015

These new shades are available at The Bay right now and at Dior counters nationwide April 1. Gotta admit, I'm already fantasizing about wearing my favourite sundresses and sandals with lips, tips and toes in coordinating shades of pink and coral. Do you see anything you like?


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