Lazy Girl Approved: ILIA Silken Shadow Stick

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ILIA Silken Shadow Stick eyeshadow crayon

I never wake up motivated or organized enough to apply eyeshadow as part of my daily makeup look. It's just too much work, and frankly, I'd rather hit the snooze alarm one more time. One way to make eyeshadow less of a hassle is to get a goes-with-everything neutrals palette that corrals together primer, tools, shades, and liner; the other way is with an eyeshadow crayon, like the newly launched ILIA Siliken Shadow Stick ($37 each at BeautyMark).

What it is: A retractable eyeshadow crayon that delivers creamy, blendable colour.

Packaging-wise: The Silken Shadow Sticks feature the same sleek, minimalist aluminum casings as ILIA's other beauty products, making it a chic addition to any beauty kit. My only quibble is with the screw-top lid: Other ILIA products have a pull-off lid and I kept forgetting and tugging on the eyeshadow crayon lid like I do with the others.

Formula-wise: The naturally derived formula contains argan, sesame and rosehip oils, as well as shea and coconut butters to moisturize and protect the skin around the eye. All these emollient ingredients make for a very soft eyeshadow crayon that effortlessly glides and blends.

With the Silken Shadow Stick's build-able coverage, I found I could do a sheer wash of colour for day, or concentrate more colour around the outer corner, crease, and lashline for a smoky nighttime look. There's no wrong way to apply it as it won't set immediately like some of the other eyeshadow crayons on the market: I used my fingertips to blend and push colour where I wanted it and clean up mistakes as I went—totally goof-proof! No primer is needed, but a light dusting of translucent powder with a fluffy brush will help set the shadow and prevent it from fading or creasing.

Shades-wise: 6 shades are available. (The one shown here is 'You Spin Me Round', which is charcoal with a hint of glitter.)

Lazy girls will like it because: It's impossible to mess up when using the ILIA Silken Shadow Sticks. They're super portable and they let you do a perfectly blended smoky eye with a single product (plus translucent powder and a fluffy eyeshadow brush) and 2 minutes. Really, what's not to love?

ILIA Silken Shadow Stick eyeshadow crayon
Wearing a face full of ILIA: Vivid Foundation 'Gobi' F2, Multi-Stick 'At Last', Pure Eyeliner 'Shadowplay', Lipstick 'Ink Pot', Mascara 'Shadow of a Doubt', Silken Shadow Stick 'You Spin Me Round'. All available at BeautyMark.

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