Style File: The Floral Shirt Dress

1. Diane von Furstenberg ($415.14 at Nordstrom) | 2. Olsen ($159 at The Bay) | 3. Chelsea28 ($108.48 at Nordstrom) | 4. Dynamite ($44.95 now $30; the floral style is sadly sold out, but other prints are available)

Since I KonMari-ified my life and stopped outfit blogging regularly, I've been doing more closet-purging than shopping for new clothes. But one piece I couldn't resist picking up was a floral print shirt dress which I spotted at Dynamite's press preview earlier this fall. One of Dynamite's reps told me it was the bestselling dress of the season, and it was easy to see why. The wintry floral feels seasonal and a bit dressier than plaid or a solid colour, plus it lends visual interest to any outfit; the silhouette is loose yet flattering; the sleeves keep chilly arms covered.

Post-purchase, the dress has become an Autumn 2015 Wardrobe MVP and convinced me that every girl needs one in her closet. It goes equally well with bare legs, tights or leggings, tall or ankle boots, flats or heels. With a sweater coat and a wide-brimmed hat, it feels bohemian; with a blazer, it becomes office-appropriate; with a clutch and a bold lipstick, it transitions to cocktail hour or date night. And best of all, it's a complete outfit in one piece on the days when you don't want to overthink what you're wearing.

I've rounded up 4 options at all price points in case you're considering a floral shirt dress yourself. The key traits to look for? A black or navy background that feels seasonally appropriate, long or 3/4-length sleeves, and a cut that hovers around knee-length so you don't feel, ahem, exposed if you were to wear it as a dress. Happy shopping!

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