Lazy Girl Approved: Kiss Nail Art Stickers Halloween Edition

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Kiss Nail Art Stickers Halloween Edition

Like many Lazy Girls out there, I lack patience and skill when it comes to nail art. I'm often too clumsy or busy to try intricate nail looks on myself, which is why nail-art-made-easy products like Kiss Nail Art Stickers are such a godsend when I want to up my #manimonday game for a special occasion like Halloween.

Kiss Nail Art Stickers Halloween Edition

What it is: This year's limited-edition Kiss Halloween Nail Art Stickers feature Halloween motifs from ghosts, tombstones, and candy corn to pumpkins, spiders, cobwebs, and cats. The stickers are advertised as suitable for nail or body.

Packaging-wise: There are two clear sheets of stickers per package.

Formula-wise: The nail art stickers have a variety of fancy effects: tiny crystals, glow-in-the-dark, silver foil. The stickers are printed on a clear backing so they'll blend in with any nail colour.

Halloween-inspired manicure with black nail polish and white ghosts using Kiss Nail Art Stickers Halloween Edition

Lazy girls will like it because: It doesn't matter if you're a klutz with zero drawing skills—a fancy nail art mani is literally as easy as peeling and sticking little decals on your nails. Plus, there's no wait time for multiple colours and coats to dry. I like how the motifs are different sizes so no matter what your nail length, at least a couple of the nail stickers will work for you.

A couple of extra tips when you use Kiss nail stickers:

  • Use a pair of fine-point tweezers to peel and stick each nail sticker for the utmost precision.
  • For a speedier mani, use an all-in-one, quick-drying nail polish formula.
  • Apply a long-lasting top coat like Dior Gel Top Coat to make your Halloween mani more chip-proof. The thick gel-like texture and high shine of this top coat also help the clear, shiny edges of the stickers blend in with the underlying nail colour.

For my first mani, I did little white ghosts against a dark nail colour. (So cute!) For the week of Halloween though, I'm thinking dark bejeweled spiders and cobwebs against a light neutral hue.

Halloween-inspired manicure with black nail polish and white ghosts using Kiss Nail Art Stickers Halloween Edition

P.S. For more easy Halloween nail looks, check out Kiss's full range of Halloween-inspired 2016 nail products, including press-on manicures and full-coverage nail stickers, available at drugstores like London Drugs and wherever Kiss products are sold.

Kiss Halloween 2016 limited edition nail art products

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