12 Etsy Finds For Gilmore Girls Fans

12 Etsy gift ideas for Gilmore Girls fans

Other than our wedding and mini-moon, the Gilmore Girls revival hitting Netflix on November 25th has been the fall event I'm anticipating most. I've already taken the day off to binge-watch them all (with copious cups of coffee in tow, naturally), and every new trailer or tidbit released online leading up to the main event has me giddy with joy over the prospect of re-visiting a show I've loved since I was 16. Are you a Gilmore Girls superfan like I am or do you know someone who is? Here are 12 Etsy finds that'll make the return to Stars Hollow all the sweeter (and—hint hint—they make excellent stocking stuffers and gifts).

1. A Luke's enamel pin is an on-trend nod to the diner run by everyone's favourite plaid-clad curmudgeon.

2. Richard Gilmore said of Rory, "What she tackles, she conquers," and it's an inspiring quote for the notepad on which you'll want to jot all your to-do lists.

3. Drinking coffee out of a "I'd rather be in Stars Hollow" mug might be the perfect bit of escapism on a dreary day.

4. And for those who prefer their java on the go, there's this "I drink coffee like a Gilmore Girl" travel mug.

5. All the "Gilmore" girls on one slogan tee.

6. This Lorelai Gilmore coffee print basically espouses my morning motto.

7. The fans who used to watch Gilmore Girls in high school and university are now old enough to be parents; an "Honorary Gilmore Girl" onesie is an adorable way to induct the next generation if you have a new mom (or dad!) who's bringing a baby to your viewing party.

8. I'm digging the retro vibe of this Luke's Diner poster.

9. "I smell snow!" Christmas cards, anyone?

10. Something about this standard issue Chilton Phys Ed shirt with "Gilmore" scrawled against it really charmed me.

11. Temporary tattoos ("Honorary Gilmore" and "In Omnia Paratus") add an extra dose of fun to viewing parties.

12. The perfect pencils to go with that "What she tackles, she conquers" notepad.

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