Things I Bought That I Love: J. Crew Tippi Star Sweater

Things I Bought That I Love highlights the (hopefully) rare, carefully considered new purchases that spark joy in this aspiring minimalist.

Oh J. Crew, Tippi star sweater ($118.50 25% off with code WARMSTYLE today), how do I love thee? Let me count the ways as I welcome you into my closet.

1. The stars are a classic yet playful motif, and the fact that they're embroidered and not printed makes the sweater look much more luxe.

2. Like all Tippi sweaters, it's made of 100% lightweight merino wool. That might not sound like a big deal, but it is; my office's heat is cranked up to near-tropical levels most days so I can't wear my heavier cashmere sweaters to work. The Tippi keeps me warm without letting me overheat.

3. After the disaster that was last week, I really needed something twinkly, cozy, and warm.

4. This sweater has enough star power to make a statement, even in simple jeans-and-sneaker ensembles. (See what I did there?)

5. Fit-wise, this is not the Tippi sweater of yesteryear. J. Crew has lengthened the sleeves (they're almost full-length if you're petite like me instead of bracelet-length) and made the torso roomier. I actually prefer the updated fit as I think it's more versatile. Size up if you want a slouchier silhouette or if you handwash your woolens and are afraid of shrinkage.

6. So much of my closet is neutral and/or in shades of blue, and stars aside, this is pretty much a basic navy sweater that'll go with everything.

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