Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Native Shoes Introduces the 'Paddington' Rain Boot

In Vancouver, autumn and rain go together like peanut butter and jelly, so it's no surprise that as summer winds down the shoe stores downtown begin filling up with rain boots in every imaginable colour and style. I'll be sticking to my trusty Kate Spade 'Randi' boots (you know, the ones with the red bows), but I wouldn't mind adding a more casual pair of rain boots to my wardrobe. The 'Paddington' boot ($90) from Native Shoes would fit the bill nicely. Like Native's other shoes, the 'Paddington' is made from sturdy injection-molded EVA. They promise to be lightweight and comfortable, and the lace-up detailing adds a special touch. Even the little wellie-wearing British bear who shares his name with these boots would approve.

Which colour is your favourite?

UPDATE [November 28,2011]: Well, that was a bust. After less than a year--a very blissful year--with my Kate Spade rain boots, I was less than happy to find that the rubber was cracking at the ankle. Talk about shoddy quality! The search is on for a replacement pair.


  1. I'll take the navy ones! Perfect for taking my puppy to the park on rainy days.

  2. Loving the purple ones. Especially since my new rain coat is a berry colour - they work together nicely without being too 80s matchy matchy.

  3. Aww I love paddington bear! And his/their boots are awesome! Love all the colors.
    I just bought a pair of Hunters for Scotland, but if I end up wearing them constantly I'll definitely look to Paddington for my next pair. And, yes, I love your Kate Spade's!

  4. id pick green or blue, or pink lol! so cute

  5. cute bright colours - they remind me a bit of my ilse jacobsen wellies. I can never have too many pairs esp. for dog walking.

  6. soooo cute. I love those bright colors. Now if it will only rain more in CA.

  7. hey lisa!
    love the boot! but where do you buy em in vancouver?