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Many style experts will tell you that having a proper-fitting bra is integral to achieving a great look, a tenet that local lingerie purveyor Dianes Lingerie holds near and dear to heart. Dianes recently took to the streets to promote that message with a daring on-the-move live exhibit in collaboration with Vancouver-based designer Jason Matlo. Titled "Bras You Want to Show Off," the exhibit features models clad in custom-made sheer Matlo creations strolling Vancouver's downtown streets.

Want to find out more? I had a chance to ask Matlo himself a couple of questions about it.

How did the collaboration with Dianes Lingerie come about?

The "Bras You Want to Show Off" idea was conceived by creative agency DARE. The seven couture looks were created exclusively for Dianes as part of a celebration of female beauty, confidence and sophistication. It was our goal to create a sheer collection that would complement the detailed beauty and modern style of the Dianes client and exquisitely crafted products. We chose fine quality fabrics and the highest quality finishes as we felt this was in keeping with Diane’s philosophies of quality and excellence. The seven looks were constructed from silk organza, silk crepe de chine voile and very fine gauge jersey mesh. It took one week and 5 skilled technicians working 18 hour days to complete the capsule collection. The lingerie component was provided by Dianes, utilizing pieces from the current in-store merchandise.

We did not give each piece a name. We affectionately referred to them as "Diane’s Daring Designs."

The items will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to assist with their fundraising efforts. The details around when and where the items will be auctioned are still be decided upon at this point.

What was working with Diane like?

Working with Diane was effortless. The lingerie is beautifully constructed and the philosophies of Dianes and the Jason Matlo brand are similar in that we share many beliefs--chief among them a desire for excellence in product, design, fit and finishing. Both of our companies strive for personalized customer service and a desire to make women feel simultaneously feminine and confident. It was a natural fit.

The clothes are sheer to show off the bras, but they still seem very Jason Matlo: confident, sensual, a contrast of structured tailoring and soft draping. Can you talk a bit about the design inspiration?

From the initial design meeting to the finished garment, the goal and vision was to stay true to our brand by incorporating structured tailoring and soft draping. We were selected to collaborate with Diane’s because the look, direction and feel of our collection so closely aligned with the Diane’s customer profile and vision, and we were encouraged to stay true to the brand. The pieces were inspired by the bras. It was our goal to create pieces with silhouettes and design lines that did not interrupt the lines of the lingerie. In the end, we hoped that the clothes would [be] almost invisible garments (or ghost-like dresses), giving the viewers Superman-like x-ray vision which allows them to see the stunning undergarments.

If you missed Bras You Want To Show Off last week, fear not. It's happening again this Saturday (tomorrow!) from 10:30 until 6:30. The seven models will be hitting the streets of Vanouver wearing their Jason Matlo creations and handing out $40 gift cards to be used towards a Dianes bra. Following the live fashion show, the outfits will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to assist in their fundraising efforts.

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  1. This concept is very risque and provocative. The thin translucent veil revealing the figure and lingerie pieces are kind of refreshing.


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