The September issue of Vancouver Fashion eZine is out!

After a brief summer hiatus, Vancouver Fashion eZine is back with a packed September issue! For this issue, I had the privilege of interviewing Pernilla Ahrnstedt, a local jewelry designer who's been in the Vancouver fashion industry for two decades. Originally from Sweden, Pernilla relocated to Vancouver in 1988 for love. Her romantic relationship didn't last, but her relationship with this city did: she chose to stay here, study jewelry design, and set up shop. Pernilla's memories of Vancouver during the 90s show just how far this city has come in two short decades. I loved writing this piece for several reasons. First, I got to meet Pernilla, who was absolutely lovely in person. Second, at 900 words, this editorial piece was considerably longer than the 500-600 word articles I'm used to turning in for VFE.

Finally, this article is special for another reason: it marks my final assignment for VFE. After 3 print collectibles and 19 articles, I'm moving on to other projects. Kudos to my editor Marilyn Wilson for giving me the wonderful opportunity to write for a publication that shows the local fashion industry at its best. It's been a swell ride!

If you want to read my swan song of an article, click here.

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