J. Crew Style Dos and Don'ts

Happy Labour Day weekend everyone! As we enjoy summer's last hurrah, my thoughts can't help but turn to fall. The days are getting shorter, the air crisper, the need for layers and cozy knits ever more pressing. Even though I'm sad about bidding farewell to summer, a bit of sartorial inspiration is the best cure, particularly when said inspiration comes from J. Crew's commander-in-chic, Jenna Lyons. The images above are from this lookbook where she shares her dos and don'ts for autumn style. I just had to share them with you because, well, it's hard not to covet every outfit in these photos.

And speaking of J. Crew, the Globe and Mail has been doing a series of articles about the grand opening of Toronto's new J. Crew store, the first such store to open north of the 49th parallel. They contacted me for a few comments on American retailers who open Canadian outlets, only to disappoint their customers in some way. Maybe the prices are higher than expected, or the selection seems sub-par, or the cachet of buying something that was only available abroad is gone. The article came out last week; click here if you want to read it.

Alright, your turn to share! How's your Labour Day weekend so far? What are your dos and don'ts for fall?


  1. haha I agree with showing a little leg, I'm trying to wear as much skirts and shorts because when winter comes it will be from like october to end of april here!

  2. This post makes me happy for three reasons:

    1. I love J.Crew and their all-American chic;
    2. I love seeing you in The Globe & Mail;
    3. and I love that you properly spelled "Dos and Don'ts" (Do's and Don't's hurts my eyes).

  3. Love this post! Such great little tips. I'm definitely going to be showing some leg this Fall. Hopefully it doesn't get too cold too fast.



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