Bunny Bonanza

A while ago I posted an entry that detailed my love of all things panda and promised a bunny installment in the future. Well, here it is, just in time to cheer everyone up after the Labour Day weekend and the (un)official end of summer.

Bunny Suicides. A series of comic strips by Andy Riley, The Book of Bunny Suicides is about "little fluffy rabbits who just don't want to live anymore" and the creative ways they find of ending their lives. Cute, hilarious, and seriously twisted.

Best Bunny. A bunny-obsessed friend told me about this website where pet owners post pics of their super-cute bunnies, then vote on whose bunny is cutest.

Oolong. In case you don't know, Oolong is a minor Internet celebrity. He was a gray-and-white rabbit owned by a Japanese photographer, and his owner loved taking pictures of Oolong and posting them on his blog throughout Oolong's life. The most remarkable of these pictures showed Oolong balancing household objects--sometimes one stacked atop another--on his cute rabbity head. Absolutely adorable. Sadly Oolong has passed away; the photographer's current pet is a female bunny named Yuebing, or Mooncake. And no, she doesn't have Oolong's talent of balancing objects on her head mastered as well as Oolong did.

Bunny music video. This video by TISM for their song "Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me" features a sad bunny who's hung up on numbers and never fails to make me smile.

Black and white bunnies eating. This video makes me smile too.

Random bunny pictures, and a picture of a gray thermal top. The thermal top is embellished with bunnies all over and rhinestones; I've seen yellow-and-brown versions on South Granville. Enjoy!

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