The Perfect Outfit For...Clubbing

Today marks the debut of a new feature on my blog: "The Perfect Outfit For" any occasion. Part of being well-dressed is looking appropriate and stylish, and feeling comfortable, no matter what situation you're in. Other installments will focus on dressing for other occasions or activities.

Clubbing attire can be tricky to figure out in terms of striking a balance between classy-sexy and club-tart-sexy. It's easy to get carried away when you're putting together an outfit and go a little more "club tart" than intended. Also, there is the question of comfort to consider: If you're planning to dance the night away, would you want to be in 4-inch stilettos and a teeny strapless dress you have to tug and readjust every ten minutes, or would you rather be in comfortable shoes and an outfit that stays put?

The no-fail clubbing outfit I always turn to when I can't think of anything else is a nice top with a deep V and fitted jeans, kind of like this outfit. The top is racy enough for a night out but stays put and hides bra straps, and the jeans show off your figure without showing too much skin. Also, if you're planning to go purse-free for the evening, you can put your lip gloss, coat check ticket, and some cash into your jeans pockets. The result: a classic, comfortable, attractive outfit that doesn't scream "wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen."

If you decide to wear a skirt or a dress, make sure you also wear appropriate underwear. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you should definitely try on the outfit at home with the underwear you're planning to wear underneath it. Look for any unsightly seams or bra straps that show. If the dress is really low-cut and backless, you may need to consider a specialty bra. For halter and strapless designs, a convertible bra is best. Also, when wearing skirts, please go for full coverage seamless underwear and avoid the thongs and G-strings so that you don't have any Britney-like underwear mishaps. As for which colour you should get this underwear in, nude is best because it doesn't show under any sort of outfit.

For accessories, go for bold accents. My wrists are too small to wear most types of bangles and bracelets, and I don't like wearing necklaces that often, so I usually wear big dangly earrings. I rarely wear heels higher than 2.5" because they hurt my feet after a long night of dancing. If you're not into heels at all, a dressy flat can look just as wonderful with your outfit. In terms of purses, I usually stick to a wristlet; if you need a bag that's slightly bigger (so you can stash a digital camera, for example), consider a small hobo.

Some other essentials to consider:
  • Gel inserts for your heels. I have a friend who swears by these, and they'll probably make a night of standing and dancing in very high heels a lot more bearable. Make sure you try them before going out for the night so you can see if they make your feet feel cramped in the shoes.
  • Band-aids or moleskin. In case your shoes decide they hate your feet.
  • Safety pins (optional). If you've decided on a more risque outfit and find that it's revealing a bit too much, pack a couple of these to fix and pin anythingn later on.
  • Blotting papers. Much easier to pack in a small wristlet than a powder compact, these can take away forehead shine in a flash. Also, unlike powder, they won't make your makeup look cakey or blend with sweat to clog pores.

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  1. Ok... something happend to my comment?? Anyways I was just saying that sometimes it's fun to dress in ridiculous heels and a tarty outfit! I do agree with the heel heigh limit though, and also make sure your shoes are made with a stretchy material so your toes can move around. One last tip your readers should also know: make friends with the bathroom attendants because they can be your BFF in a pinch ie. the lady at Atlantis! :)


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