Dear Bike Riders...

Dear bike riders of the Lower Mainland,

I admire your efforts to go green, I really do. I think deep down in my heart I envy the vim and vigour you show as you commute via bike to work everyday, glowing with energy and good health while I carpool with my dad and contemplate hooking myself up to an intravenous caffeine drip most mornings. And hey, with the wonderful weather we've had lately, biking is a brilliant way to get fresh air.

But I've also noticed that while many of you have dusted off your bikes, not many of you have decided to wear helmets. The last time I checked, being an adult doesn't automatically make someone immune to head injuries. Also, doesn't biking without a helmet violate some sort of law or bylaw?

If you're worried about the helmet flattening your hair, pack a travel-size version of your favourite styling product and a comb in your bag. If you feel as though a helmet makes you hotter and makes you sweat more on your way to work, you can always wash your face in the bathroom and maybe change your shirt. Otherwise, I see no good reason why you should ride around without a helmet.

By not wearing a helmet, you're putting your own health at risk, setting a poor example for younger bikers, and giving bikers everywhere a bad name. So please, do everyone a favour and protect your noggin.


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