Aldo Boots

Although I have close to thirty pairs of shoes, I have yet to take the plunge and find a pair of leather boots I really like. Boots are versatile and go nicely with jeans and skirts. They also keep bare legs warm in cold weather and feet dry when it's rainy out--both essential during a Vancouver autumn. Yet the clunky look of most boots and their high prices have turned me off until now.

I saw this pair from Aldo, and the picture might be enough to change my mind and convince me to get a pair. The heel is small enough so that the boot looks streamlined and dainty when paired with a knee-length skirt, but still thick and chunky enough not to wobble when I walk down the street. The heel height isn't too high. I also love the details such as the lace-like leather trim and the two small buckles at the top. At $160, these boots are lower in price than a similar pair I was eyeing from Aldo last year. Is it possible that I've found boot love at last?!

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