Wool Coats

As fall settles in and winter approaches, nothing says classic and chic like a wool coat. Wool coats usually have tailored details that slim your figure, and the material is dense and warm yet less bulky than other types of winter coats like parkas.

Consider wool coat shopping as a sort of investment. With some TLC and a bit of savvy shopping around, the coat you buy this season will last years. Look for classic silhouettes; a 3/4 length coat with long, lean seams, a belted look, or a peacoat are all enduring styles that will look fresh for many seasons to come. I have a bright pink double-breasted peacoat that I love donning every winter.

To keep your wool coat in tip-top shape, take it to the drycleaners in the middle and at the end of the winter season. When you're done with it for the season, store your coat with a sturdy hanger and a garment bag in the closet so that it doesn't get dusty and the shoulders don't sag. Periodically give it a good brushing with a lint brush to get rid of dust and lint and let the fabric breathe. If you've been in a place with heavy odours, hang your coat in a well-ventilated area and don't put it in a closet until the odours leave the fabric. For white or extremely light-coloured coats, consider using stain repellants like Scotch-gard.

Here are some of my favourites from the Victoria's Secret website. With the awesome Canadian-US exchange rate right now, I might be tempted into buying one.

Belted car coat, $129

Belted 3/4 length coat, $99

Buckle-front plaid coat, $138

GUESS belted red coat, $138

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