Boot Love At Last

After many weeks of mulling over whether or not to buy boots, I finally took the plunge. I ended up getting a pair with a completely flat heel, taking into consideration the fact that I walk a lot and I use public transit often, and any sort of heel that isn't a wedge would probably end in great discomfort for me. This is what they look like.

Another factor that made me somewhat reluctant about buying a pair of boots was the possible disapproval of my mother. Don't laugh, but I still live at home and my mother is the queen of All Things Practical. I dreaded spending what she would consider an obscene amount of money on something that was Not So Practical, and having to argue with her over keeping my purchase. Then, when I was talking to her and I told her what I was planning to buy, she didn't react at all like I thought she would. She said: "Make sure you get a low-heeled pair. I bought a pair years ago and they had a high heel. My feet slid forward and my toes were crowded and they weren't very comfortable at all. I don't even wear them anymore; they're in the garage." My own mother had succumbed to boot temptation, and didn't object to me buying yet another pair of shoes! Sweet.

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