Luxe Or Less: Chilli Pepper Jacket

I don't quite know how I feel about this jacket. At first glance, despite the clean crispness of winter white, it seems way too busy with its extra pockets, buttons, and button-up belt right under the chest. It's pretty casual because of the military styling as well. As far as jackets go, the price of this one is a little steep but not unreasonable. If you want a coat with similar styling, Sirens has a similar black-and-white or brown-and-white flecked version with piping for $59.50. However, with the Canadian dollar being so strong, it might be worth it to just pay the extra for the Chilli Pepper version.

Chilli Pepper jacket from, $125

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  1. ooh I like that jacket! I odn't think it's too busy. The details are all in the same colour as the jacket, so it blends nicely and keeps the jacket from looking too boring. The only worry I'd have with it is that with all the details whether it'd make you look bunchy/fat


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