Online Window Shopping at Guess

Lately I've been coveting a gorgeous blue dress on the Guess website which I actually picked up in-person at a store yesterday. Before I took the plunge and purchased it, though, I spent a couple of days visiting and revisiting the website, looking at the picture and trying to decide. The first time I checked out the dress, the price was around $89. The next day, the price changed to $91. Surprised, I read the disclaimer attached to the listed prices for Guess merchandise and discovered that they re-adjust their Canadian prices on a daily basis to reflect the exchange rate. It's pretty cool of them to give Canadians the best price for their dollar. What's even better is, as a sales clerk at the brick-and-mortar store explained, Guess adjusts their online prices so that they're slightly lower than what you would see in stores to make up for what you would pay in shipping. Kudos to them for being so forward-thinking and considerate of Canadian customers.

Ambri deep V dress, Guess, $90.54 (for today anyway)

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