Eye Candy: Chuck's Wardrobe in 'Pushing Daisies'

I love ABC's new show Pushing Daisies. In case you've never heard of it, don't own a TV, or live under a rock, Pushing Daisies tells the story of Ned, a lonely boy who grows up to be a lonely man and piemaker. Ned discovers at a young age that he can bring the dead back to life with his touch. When he touches something once, it comes back to life; when he touches it again, it dies for good. He has to perform the second touch in the space of a minute, or something nearby dies in its place. He teams up with a private investigator, agreeing to touch murder victims and ask who their murderer was, and then collect and split the reward money. It is through this venture that Ned's childhood sweetheart Charlotte Charles (or "Chuck") comes back into his life: Ned revives Charlotte and lets her live unlike the others. Their relationship provides the show with romance and sweetness.

If you haven't seen Pushing Daisies already, I highly recommend it. The writing is crisp yet whimsical at the same time, and the overall style of the show strikes me as a cross between Roald Dahl and Tim Burton. The sets and costumes are an absolute delight to look at.

What's more, Chuck's wardrobe is adorable. She's often dressed in retro floral prints, bright colours, and dresses with full skirts. Think Crayola combined with the types of outfits in Mona Lisa Smile and a dash of contemporary edge, and you get Chuck's wardrobe. Her look is tailored with a touch of wit and whimsy, and it complements the romantic vibe of her wavy hair and sideswept bangs. Check out these photos for proof.


  1. haha how does a person raised from the dead get such nice clothes?

  2. They are Ned's mother's clothes that he had kept in the attic


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