Seeing Stars

I gravitate towards jewelry that uses star shapes, which explains why I have three pairs of star-shaped stud earrings in different sizes and colours. So imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered that Chanel had devoted an entire jewelry collection to stars, moons, and comets. The Cometes collection is amazing! As I paged through all of the designs, one part of me knew that I would never be able to afford any of the pieces, one part of me wondered who had tapped into my subconscious and turned all of my jewelry desires into reality, and another part of me could only sigh at how beautiful everything was.

One of my favourite pieces was the galaxy ring, a concoction of blue sapphires, white gold, and diamonds. The ring's centre looks like a mirror through which you can see the cosmos! It's definitely a statement piece and far bigger than any piece of jewelry I would consider wearing, but I just admire it as a work of art.

If you're as into star-shaped jewelry as I am, check out the Chanel Cometes collection here.

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