Betsey Johnson Mesh Bow Watch

  1. I haven't worn a watch in about five years, partly because I have notoriously bad luck with watches. The last one I owned went through the wash in my jeans pocket. The one before that fell on a public washroom floor and the face cracked. (Thankfully both were cheap watches that cost less than $20, or else I would've cried many bitter tears.)
  2. This Valentine's Day, I'm going to attend the Two of Hearts Boutique grand opening and then catch an afternoon matinee of He's Just Not That Into You by myself, fashionable and fabulous single gal that I am.
You ask yourself, how are these two things related? Well, you see, if I were celebrating Valentine's Day with a boyfriend, this Betsey Johnson mesh bow watch ($95) from Urban Outfitters would rank high on my list of desirable gifts from said beau. I'm too clumsy with watches to splurge on one myself and I'm trying to keep an eye on my spending after the new shoes and camera, but (ahem) I wouldn't say no if this watch were given to me. More jewelry statement than pragmatic timepiece, I love how the bow takes centre stage and the watch face dangles off to the side. The contrasting gold textures--polished metal, fine mesh, metallic leather--give the entire piece a luxe vibe and set it apart from the pack. It would be the perfect finishing touch for an LBD and kitten heels--the sort of thing Blair Waldorf or Audrey Hepburn would wear for a candlelit dinner with her tall, dark, and handsome leading man.

How are you spending this Valentine's Day?


  1. I SO agree. What a fun take on a practical item.

  2. Awwww, that watch are soo cute. (I think everything with bows are cute, hehe).

  3. Love it!
    I am having a cupcake party with my family for v-day :)


  4. Hmm I never thought valentines should be a big fuss, though presents would be good any day. ;)

  5. Haha I can't wait for He's Just Not That Into You to come out in cinemas in Singapore ;p it always comes out a few weeks after the official opening date in the States sigh. Do let us know whether it's worth watching or not! ;)

    Hmm I've never been one for watches but that certainly is an interesting and very pretty item. You wouldn't misplace it that's for sure!

    I think I'm just going to be going out to town with my bf but I'm not too sure. Going to try and bake a spongecake haha >< so we'll see how that goes. Happy Vday in advance! =)

  6. Oh my gosh, what a find. Love it.

    The boy will probably make me dinner--he's a great cook.

  7. Oh wow! I've been trying to figure out how to wear bows without looking like Mickey Mouse and this watch is perfect!! I might have to run over to UO and get it!! Thanks for sharing lovely!!

    It'll be perfect for my V-day...which is going to be a surprise, which is nice but so tricky when it comes to outfit decisions!!


  8. Your Valentine's Day sounds awesome! I don't have any plans as of yet, but I'm hoping it will involve the bf - hahaha!
    Love the watch too!

  9. The bow doesn't really thrill me as I think it would overwhelm small wrists, but I do like how unique it is with the watchface dangling like a charm on the side. We are still going together to the sale right?

  10. 1 please! I don't like wearing watch and often use my cellphone to check the time but this is just gorgeous and it looks more like a cuff than a watch. love it!

    I have tagged you btw

  11. Really cute watch! I haven't wore a watch in ages too, ever since I owned a cell phone. But recently I'll throw one on, yet even when I'm wearing one, I'll still look at my cell phone instead of my wrist for the time! hahaha

  12. Such a cute bracelet! I still have no idea how I'm spending V-Day, me and my boyfriend are a little last-minute...


  13. i want that watch! I love it! haha

    hey lisa, favor, link up this fellow vancouverite blogger, and your fan at style finds! <3


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