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I was tagged by Tea at Everyday Sugar to list 8 random things about myself and tag 8 other bloggers to do the same! I've done so many of these tags I'm afraid there isn't much more to say. I'll try not to repeat myself.
  1. I make a living writing software manuals.
  2. I'm not allowed to use exclamation points in my writing at work. In fact, the day I start using exclamation points will probably be the day I'm also allowed to swear, resulting in instructions like "Step 4: Click Save, motherfucker!" (I threw in that dysphemism for you, WendyB.)
  3. Latest food fixation: Korean roast seaweed. I try to limit myself to one pack a day because of the salt bloat.
  4. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and its sequel made me cry.
  5. I'm allergic to mango.
  6. I get annoyed with dancers who flail or bounce all around the dance floor, knocking into other people and spilling their drinks. Salsa dancers know how to do all manner of crazy things without stepping out of their space and colliding into another couple, so when I go to a normal club and drunk people can't even stay in one spot as they dance it drives me nuts.
  7. My last purchase was a mini tripod for my Canon SD 790 IS camera. No more blurry outfit shots in the mirror, hooray!
  8. One of the characters in my Chinese name is also the name of a famous mythological figure.
Just as I can't remember what I've already said about myself, I can't remember who I've tagged in the past to do similar tags. If you haven't done this one and would like to, consider yourself tagged!


  1. You are so awesome, L! I love #2 so much I read it twice :)


  2. Someone recently reminded me of the writers' rule about only having 5 exclamation points to use for your ENTIRE CAREER. We bloggers would be so SOL ...

  3. Awesome facts (^_^) particularly loving 2 - so funny.. and 8 - ooo.. which famous mythological figure is it?

  4. Linda, it's Chang'e, the wife of the emperor in the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival folktale. My parents named me Minchang. "Min" is a character that can mean intelligent, nimble, and sensitive depending on the context. They named me "Chang" after this famous folktale character because she was a renowned beauty and they wanted me to be as beautiful as she was. :)

  5. I wonder if you could slip in #2 without anyone noticing...

  6. Yay for a tripod! And I recently met someone who was allergic to eggs! How do they live?! (Including exclamation points just for you...!)

  7. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and the sequel made me cry too!! I hate being allergic to mango's they make really good smoothies

  8. The Sisterhood movies were cute.


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