Today's Outfit: Rock Revolution

This is what I was wearing last Thursday when I went to Rock Revolution, an event dedicated to celebrating rock, fashion, and streetwear. Several other Stylefinds writers were also in attendance. If you want the scoop on what the evening was like, check out our collective impressions here.
  • Sweater (Lady Language)
  • Camisole (RW & Co)
  • Skirt (Allan & Suzi--NYC)
  • Tights (H&M)
  • Heels (Next--London)
  • Earrings (a gift)
  • Belt (Buffalo by David Bitton)
P.S. Thanks to my colleague Food Fanatic for helping me out with an impromptu photoshoot in the women's washroom at work! Check out her blog if you're looking for mouth-watering recipes for Indian and international cuisine.

P.P.S. Aside from helping me with my outfit post, Food Fanatic also gave me this lovely blog award. Thanks!

Update: Fierce Kitty snapped a picture of me in this same outfit for her Vancouver street style blog. Check out the post I'm featured in here.


  1. I absolutely LOVE your skirt! I also like how the camel colored jewels compliment your shoes.
    Great Outfit!

  2. Miss Q, thanks for the kind words! I had to look again at the photo to see what you meant...the studs on the belt are actually silver-coloured. I guess they were catching the light in a weird way. :)

  3. Go studded belts! This is a really fun take on black and white, Lisa.

  4. Cute look. Hey I have a did you get the coutorture badge I couldn't find it anywhere. Could you tell me how to get it on my blog? How was the event did you meet some pretty cool people?

  5. you look so lovely in this gorgeous outfit, loving the shoes!

  6. Rock revolution? that sounds so cool!

  7. Anthea, I hope the code that I emailed you works! The event was really neat. I met some cool people AND I got snapped for a Vancouver street style blog. Check it out at

  8. Oh my goodness, you look gorgeous! That whole outfit is perfectly put together.

  9. Congrats on your award, doll!

    Loving the look, esp. that belt!


  10. Lovely! I like how you styled the sweater--and the skirt, shoes and belt are all fabulous.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. love this outfit! I could totally wear this to work.

  13. Aww congrats on your blog award dear Lisa! =) You deserve it completely. I love your blog for so many things - the interesting and varied posts, the sincerity and of course your great style. I think that outfit is totally rock-chic. Especially that belt! Somehow studded stuff has become really popular recently and it just looks really good most of the time.

    Heh thanks for your comment too X) now that i think about it it's kinda silly to have been so happy about the comments thing cos even though you told me you haven't reached 30 comments yet there's no doubt that yours is an excellent blog so it just goes to show that the number of comments really doesn't matter very much at all.


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