Contests Galore!

Dujour Magazine's "Runway to Real Way" Contest

I'm a bit behind the curve posting about the Dujour Magazine contest, but it's not too late to enter! Check their website for coverage of the latest NYFW trends and create a Polyvore collage of how you'd wear them, or re-create the look with your own wardrobe. My Stylefinds editor Shallom has the full details here.

Toronto Craft Alert's Get Er Done Giveaway

Toronto Craft Alert is holding a Get Er Done contest for all the talented and procrastinating DIY chicas out there. If you have unfinished projects lying around, finish them and submit photos of your creations to the contest's Flickr pool. Anyone can enter and first prize is a crafter's dream of a $700 gift pack full of supplies and special offers. Full details here.

The Solo Lisa contest

Update your link to me with my new blog name and URL, and win Random Cute Things! I kid you not. Full details here.


  1. Woo hoo! Thanks for all the fab links!


  2. Thanks for the links, Lisa. :)

  3. You have a new name??

    Oh gee good thing I read this post!!

    And in regard to high school, I can't stand people who are still stuck in high school. It's pretty funny.


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