$2 Off New Snuggle Creme Fabric Softener!

  1. Here at Solo Lisa, I talk a lot about shopping for clothes but not a lot about taking care of them (well, with the exception of this post maybe).
  2. Lazy Sunday afternoons are ideal for doing laundry.
  3. With this recession, fashionable chicas need to save money any way they can, right?
Three very good reasons for me to pass on this great offer from the folks at Snuggle Creme! Snuggle Creme fabric softener comes in 2 luxurious scents, Sweet Almond Essence and Jojoba Essence. Add some to your sheets and towels or your undies and PJs for softness and a sweet scent.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. That bear is doing a sassy little hip pop that I'm not sure I'm comfortable with on my darling Snuggle mascot.

    Thanks for the coupon! Woohoo!

  2. ahh..makes me want to wash my clothes all over again :P

    like the alignment in the banner ;-)

  3. I'm so lucky, I don't do my laundry ...hehe...I know one day the day will come though! :)

    Hope you had a fabu sunday!


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