VFW Day 3: Malene Grotrian

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Some designers design for waifs; Malene Grotrian designs clothes for women. This was evident on Saturday evening at VFW when Malene presented her F/W 09 collection of flowing garments and signature bustiers, all made from sumptuous Italian fabrics. These were clothes meant to hide "wobbly bits," flatter the female form, and enhance an hourglass figure.

There were so many covetable mix-and-match pieces that could be combined to create unique evening looks: a flowing trouser, a halter top with off-the-shoulder details, batwing dresses in multiple fabrications or with a lapel, slinky fishtail hem dresses, a full-bodied black skirt reminiscent of Dior's New Look. These looks were styled with jewelry by Justine Brooks. (That's Justine's necklace in the first picture--peacock feathers encased in windows made of diamond-shaped sterling silver and glass.) My personal favourites included a white high-waisted skirt and strapless black lace top (think Grace Kelly in Rear Window) and a black wool sheath with white embroidered roses.

Malene's signature piece is the bustier, as I mentioned in this post. In her F/W collection, it was interesting to see her push the possibilities of this garment beyond the strapless versions most of us are used to seeing. The halter tops with off-the-shoulder detailing featured metal boning, as did the high-waisted skirts.

The highlight of the show was surely the full-length ballgown skirts. I asked Malene afterwards if there was a hoop skirt underneath, and she explained that it was all done with tulle. That would explain how these skirts seemed to glide down the runway and move with the models.

All photos by Yvonne Chew. Thanks Yvonne!


  1. Hey you're in the front row for all three days! =)


  2. I totally saw you front row! I was busy running around in the back tho!!

  3. Love big skirts like those last looks.

  4. Ooh! I've been reserving comment on a lot of these until I discover things that I want in my closet now right now, but those first dresses? Lovely. I would wear those.

  5. I like the big skirty dresses, With the expected arrival of high waisted womens trousers, shorts and mini skirts hitting our high street stores this summer do you think this will be the end of the hipsters?

  6. Wow those big skirts are huge! I love the necklace in the first pic, it's so colorful and unique

  7. I am really drawn to those poufy Cinderella ball skirts!


  8. Those last two dresses are so fantastic!

  9. Oo nice these look fantastic!

  10. I'm seeing deep, purplish blue in several of these collections--and I must say, I am loving it!

  11. I love those last few gowns...You'd need a very special occasion to wear them, but why not? :) Lol
    You must be having lots of fun, how did you get a spot at the front row missy? Share your secrets!


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