VFW Day 3: Vixen Little

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I wish more information had been available about Vixen Little because this elusive label's Saturday show definitely intrigued me. My Googling skills couldn't track down a website, but they did yield this blurb from The Province:

"Vancouver-based designer Shellie Park unveils her fall '09 Vixen Little collection at Vancouver Fashion Week this Saturday (3 p.m. at Storyeum in Gastown).
Vixen Little's fall line is a blend of knits, Swiss brocades, and silk/wool separates.
Inspired by the ever-changing landscapes of the West Coast, the collection fuses classic lines with modern textiles, offering a new take on the age old dilemma of what to wear to work."

Shellie's clothes are definitely unlike any workwear I've ever seen--part futuristic femme fatale and part Rumi. The show opened with a close-fitting silver sheath with an exposed zipper down one side. Models strode down the catwalk sporting dramatic blocks of colour across the eyes as a rock remix of "Feeling Good" played. The navy blue knitwear pieces (a tiered bubble skirt with suspenders, a snug-fitting poncho worn as a top) were edgy and unusual yet surprisingly wearable. My favourite look, though, was the cape jacket and short suit.

All photos by Yvonne Chew. Thanks Yvonne!

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  1. i love that black sheath dress with embroidery. So chic and delicate at the same time!


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